Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stuck inside

I am stuck inside myself. A broken compass being kicked and shattered. I miss sunshine and adventure, to me the grass is greener when there is no snow

But our fantasy ejected, cut by scissors with jagged edges. Like a bubble being popped by an eager finger. The film that protected us.... Gone and we are free falling.
He sits in a chair packing hope inside his pipe and breathing in illusions of contentment. I run far and get nowhere, eat nothing and diminish to mold into an image of happiness

I remember when we believed in fairy tales and togetherness came with laughter. Now we have stopped trusting in the pixie dust. Instead we are surviving... Checking for signs of life... A pulse, a slanted step, a crooked smile. Telling ourselves the lies that will get us through our next breath. It will be okay, only a short time, we will be together soon. How many months can I go without my heart? Ripped from my ribs and placed in a pocket. Carried 1000 miles away, covered in tears.

 Until we meet again and I can fit in him like a puzzle piece. When my smile finds comfort on my face. When the color glazes my cheeks and my spirit sprinkles my eyes. when we can inhale our truth and exhale our demons. Maybe then I will begin believing in happy ever after.

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