Sunday, August 29, 2010

First day of school

Last week my girls had their first day of school.  
As the academic coordinator, I made it a point to be ecstatic for their return.  For this joyous occasion, I created wonderful "back to school bags".  Continuing my excitement I collaborated with my co-workers and we decided to make a yummy breakfast for our achieving scholars.  That night, 
I laid in bed feeling thrilled for my scholars and looking forward to the upcoming day.

 Sooner rather then later, my alarm began buzzing me awake.  I stumbled out of bed an I put a smile on my face while trying to remember how to function at  6:30 am.  As the girls entered the kitchen I thought they would share the same enthusiasm as I in regards to their first day of school.  To my dismay they were anything but enthused.  Instead, their faces screamed "get away from us now".  At this point I had to laugh at my own stupidity.

To continue the fun my co-workers and I drove them to school in the large red van wearing our pajamas(cruel I know).  As each mortified teenager exited the car we cheered for them.  When they all gathered together, mumbles of our evil gestures were shared amongst the group.

Looking back I am certain that I possessed similar feelings towards attending school.  Instead of living the free-life of summer, days become filled with routine and discipline.  I wonder how different my high school experience would be if I had the attitude I have now.  Today, I realize the importance of education and that through it tools are given to survive in the "real-world".  There are people that have gone without this gift and my heart breaks for them.  Simple actions we take for granted, like reading a book or writing a letter to a friend, many cannot accomplish.  I can say whole-heartedly that I am grateful for the education I have received and I know I would not be the same with out it.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living life..

So I have promised some loved ones(mainly my mother) that I would begin to post a blog of my adventures/life in California.  I have been living in Southern California for a month now.  I was able to make this move through an Americorp position that I received upon graduation of Saint Mary's College. 

 My life has always been a constant.  Growing up in Michigan was a wonderful experience, but as I became older I quickly learned that I gain so much from situations in which I am placed outside my comfort zone.  Moving to California was just that, a leap of faith.  Before moving, I found myself uncertain that I could make this leap.  Fortunately, I have a large support system of family and friends that encouraged me to take to plunge.  Once I made this life-changing gesture I came to the conclusion that I could not be happier with my decision.  To those who pushed me, I thank you.

 The people I am surrounded by in California have touched me and have inspired me.  Not to mention, they make me laugh constantly.  I have observed my sense of adventure continue to blossom as I discover my current surrounding, L.A, the beach, Disneyland, ect. I know that I am here for a reason.

 I came to California with goals to accomplish and a mission to achieve.  The duties for my Americorp position are not simple: to tutor teenage girls while monitoring their academics.  Also the responsibilities of being a role model, a cheer leader, a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen are tasks that I will never take lightly.  I am here for these girls in times of joy and times of failure.  I know this is not an easy job.  I am also certain that these girls will teach me valuable lessons, ones that will never compare to lessons learned in a classroom. For, whatever they teach me I will carry alongside me forever.  Each young student I have encountered in my short time here has a zest for life and ambition to achieve.

This blog will allow my friends and family to have a glance at being in California, being an Americorp member, and being me.  Through this I am able to document lessons learned, adventures taken, and happiness found.  I hope you all enjoy.

-peace and love