Friday, October 29, 2010


Ten important things I have gathered while working with teenager/ "pre-teens":
1. Forgetting books in a locker is an everyday occurrence.
2. If an 11 year old boy can throw a football better then you, do not play.
3. Disney channel is an essential to every pre-teen's life.
4. To "bomb" a test, means that you have done well.
5. Electrified music(Selina Gomez, Hannah Montanna, ext.) is played on the hour and is the most annoying noise I have ever heard.
6. Never refer to younger kids as "little ones"(they are pre-teens)
7. Farting is the funniest joke, along with any type of bathroom humor(for both boys and girls)
9. Lighting while studying, gets in the way of the emo-persona.
10. These are the most amazing, unique, wonderful teens I have ever!!

Working with these teenagers has definitely tested me in multiple ways.  It has tested my patience and my anger level.  It has enforced to always be in check with myself, in order to be a mentor.  These kids are simply amazing, the more I learn the more I admire them.  

I cannot believe that the holidays are coming up so fast.  My favorite holiday is around the corner.  Yes you guessed it, Thanksgiving and it is because of the loads of food present.  Thanksgiving is also close to my heart because of all of the traditions my family and I partake in.  As I continue to grow up the traditions, which I once looked at as a burden are now events that I cannot wait to participate in.  I am so excited to see my wonderful family and friends, you are all missed, while the cold weather is not!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Updates, My life as I know it

Hi to all of my faithful readers, aka my mom and dad.  I know it has been awhile since my last post and I apologize.  I was able to get a taste of Midwest and family when my dad came to California for business last week.  I was so happy to see him and spend an amazing four days with him.  The wonderful thing about my father is he is so easy going and great person to be around.  Him and I both appreciate California, food, and adventure so we combined all of our loves into his trip.  He was staying in Santa Monica so we were able to scope out the local restaurants and Santa Monica sites.  Of course, I dragged him to the Santa Monica Promenade and to one of my favorite shops, the Hardtail store.

On his last day, we wanted to try something new and decided to go surfing.  Yes, we actually got into the ocean with surfboards and had absolutely no idea what we were doing.  Our instructor said that we both "technically stood up" but in reality I am certain we looked like morons.  After surfing kicked our ass, we both expressed between breaths how out of shape we felt.  Although that was the case I have to say I still enjoyed it a lot.  I consider it a challenge that I will conquer.  The best part about the trip was not the food, the shopping, or the adventure, it was being with my dad.  My dad and I always have great conversations and he has the persona that puts me at ease.  I was so excited that I was able to spend time with him and experience his wonderful nature.

In work news, my girls are doing wonderful.  I just chaperoned high school homecoming, which I have to say was quite an adventure.  Watching dates dance and friends hang out made me want to travel back to high school for that one moment and then quickly return to my current life.  My coworker and I had the job of coat-check.  This you would guess is not a challenge in 70 degree weather, but you would be wrong.  After working our tails off our supervisor gave us a small break.  It was then when we decided we should definitely go on the dance floor for a quick dance.  I mean who says you have to be in high-school to dance at the homecoming anyway?

Also my mom sent me a great link, check it out: