Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Found Respect

As I traveled into Parent Night with my coworker, I was not expecting to leave scared for life.  Currently, there are two new eleven year  at in our house. Therefore, my coworker and I ventured to their school to meet their teachers and observe the curriculum our sixth graders will be partaking in this upcoming year.  As the daughter of a teacher, I am accustomed to such a night.  Throughout my youth, I remembered my mom going on about Parent Night and how concerned she was.  It was not until this evening, that I was able to piece together my mother's challenge.  

I left the classroom, eyes bulging when I found my coworker with the same expression.  Instantly, I knew we had to take a moment to debrief.  My co-worker shared her experience of the infamous "my child is the center of the universe" mother.  I guess this women's child was next to the importance of God as she continued to go on about her son's endeavors.  I began to divulge my own experience with the "I am out to get the teacher" mother.  This individual loudly proclaimed how offended she was about the teacher stating that the students were studying early man in history. She stated that the comment was "sexist" and hoped when working with the children the teacher would use the term"homosapiens"(with sixth graders mind you).  Again and again this women continued to berate the teacher, who was handling the situation quite well.  After being traumatized by Parent Night, my coworker and I made a pact that we would never be "those moms".

My ranting does have a point.  My mother, is a wonderful women in many ways. She is giving, loving, and an extremely selfless individual.  None the less, she is so sweet and cute you just "want to put her in your pocket"(as I have heard many say).  Those of you who are reading and know my mom understand.  I honor my mother and love her dearly.  Lets just say after this adventure, I have a new found respect for my mom.  For she has survived at least twenty parent nights.  Love you mom, and miss you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Verbs in Action
Allow humility to define you
Place each soul before your own
Kiss a mother with gratitude
Whisper love to a friend
Send a smile to a stranger
Yearn to touch a life
Strive to make an impact
Continue to rejoice in every circumstance

I was surfing the web the other day and I found this poem.  I instantly felt that it defined what I am doing here.  To be in any position of service, we must possess humility.  By "allowing humility to define" me I must place others before myself.  I will admit, this is not an easy task.  I know we are all guilty of placing ourself before others.  But, a part of growing up pushes me to see that the world is made up of many individuals that are in need.  When we are thinking of solely ourselves it is difficult to hear others cry for help.  Simple acts such as reaching out to someone or telling a loved one how much they mean can make a world of difference.  In doing a year of service I must strive to think of others and  give everything I have to offer.  In acting selflessly I know that I will gain more then simply thinking of myself.