Monday, July 25, 2011


Loud collected lives
Milky skin against brown sugar
Looking into young wise eyes
Skateboarding, bike rides, park visits
Childhood snatched, cradling grown infants

Worlds far away
Intertwined on the same sofa
Islands are intruded despite warning
Flags plotted in my heart
Stories tattooed on my soul

Family: related, love, support system
Related through desperation
Love because in need of love
Support thrives in this chaotic system
Mixed colors create a masterpiece

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time is ticking in Paradise

Wow I cant believe that it has been a year(well almost).  When I moved to California, I never realized how much my life has changed.  I left with the ambitions of a young girl from the midwest, I felt innocent but ready to taste adventure of my tongue.  I had an appetite and the courage  to try new experiences and discover who I truly am as an individual.  

Not to say it was all fun and games. Many times I found myself in my tissue box of a room wondering why I moved from everything that was comfortable to me.  I was known in Michigan, I had an identity and a comfort there.  In California I had to fend for myself, remove myself from trouble, make mistakes, and learn important life lessons.  THe more I grow the more I am convinced I could not have learned these same lessons at home. We, as individuals, need to step out of our cocoon and figure out what this life means to us. Whether it is spiritual, emotional, social, on whatever level, to whatever degree, I urge you to take that journey of discovery.

On a more emotional note, I do not know how I will leave the wonderful girls that I discuss on this blog.  To say that they mean a lot to me, would not do them justice.  They have opened my eyes to a world of problems that many people face today and they demonstrate encouragement as they continue to press on.  This house has become my home and these strangers have become my family. They adopted me into their crazy world and I am forever grateful.  Saying goodbye, will be the hardest obstacles to overcome of them all. I know with a goodbye, comes a new life, a new adventure, a new journey....